Privacy Policy and Exclusion of Liability 
Last Updated on January 2021
The THEGREENINME.COM YOURGREENINME.COM (GREENINME) online store manager, in accordance with the personal data protection act and the general regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR), is committed to protect the personal data of all its users.
The GREENINME online store manager will use personal information exclusively for personal needs, and will only forward them to the companies responsible for courier services, who are also bound to handle personal data in accordance with the GDPR Regulation.
In no case shall we transfer personal data to unauthorized third parties.
We protect the data of the user and we are protecting them with several technical and organizational measures against loss, abuse or access.
The data that is processed by the webmaster of the online store are only for the purpose of fulfilling the order: for the purpose of performing orders, we process the following personal data:
- Name and surname
- Address and place of residence
- E-mail address
- Phone Number
- TRR - only in the case of a refund
The provider may contact with the user via distance communications only if the user explicitly agrees by filling out the form accessible in the online store.
Receiving e-mails is free and without obligation.
From receiving emails, the user can log off at any time without obligation, by sending us this information to our e-mail address: or by clicking on the marked link that leads to cancellation in the received e-mail. With cancellation, your email address information is also deleted.
Email addresses are not transmitted to third parties.
Advertising emails will contain the following components:
- they will be clearly and unequivocally labeled as advertising messages
- the sender will be clearly visible
- all actions, promotions and other marketing techniques will be designated with clearly defined conditions of participation in them
- the way of unsubsc
ribing from receiving advertising messages will be clearly shown.

We reserve the right to disable or access the website due to technical or other problems and maintenance. We are not responsible for reimbursement of any damages or costs incurred by the user as a result of termination, failure or obstruction to the operation of the website.
We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and regularity of the content posted on the website, nor do we assume responsibility for the damage that it may suffer due to relying on the published content of the buyer.
The provider is not liable for any damage that may arise on your hardware, software, or other equipment due to the use of the website.

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