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simple system to help you lose weight and live healthier lifestyle 

Ready To Finally Drop Two 
Dress Sizes For Good? 

all in one weight loss program
  • Easy To Follow Program
  • ​Everything You Need In One Book
  • ​Stay Motivated Till The End 
  • ​Track Your Progress 
First Effective Detox Tea Formula
  • Carefully Designed Detox Tea Formula 
  • ​Only High Quality Herbs 
  • ​Essential Vitamins and Minerals 
  • ​All Natural, Non GMO Ingredients 

Imagine what would life looks like if you could finally fix your eating problem, lose weight and become healthier and happier than ever!

Let Me Guess Your Problem... 

If you're anything like me there is a chance that you...
  • Tried every possible diet and no one really worked 
  • Spend hundreds of dollars for some supplements that didn't worked
  • Lost money on programs that only took your precious time away, bud delivered no results
  • ​Spend hours in the gym and saw no results 
At the end you ended being even more depressed and miserable than ever.  Probably can't stand the look in the mirror and it's already affecting your social life? You have lost your motivation, you're overwhelming and don't know what to do next? 
Are You Serious About Your Health and Weight Loss? 
Then this is the program you're waiting for so long! 
STOP with crazy diets, 
STOP spending hours in the gym, 
STOP spending your money on supplements that can harm you 
START transforming your body in the EASY WAY!
Give Yourself One Month With Green In Me Program And You Will...
Replace your bad eating habits with new healthier ones
Improve your overall health 
Lose weight - in healthy way
Feel stronger and full of energy
Gain confidence
Look and Feel better than ever

You Are The Right Candidate For Green In Me Program If.. 

  • You would like to lose weight IN A HEALTHY way
  • You want to improve your health
  • ​You want to improve your digestion system
  • ​You want to feel and look better from inside through out
  • You are lack of  motivation 
  • ​You feel lost
  • You want to see long lasting results 
  • You are willing to put some work in it

What You Are Going To Get... 

Green In Me Detox Program

GIM Program Is The ONLY PROGRAM That Will Guide You To Your Goal!  
Trust Our Well Structured and Easy To Follow Program!
  • Exact Instructions
  • Easy To Follow Steps
  • ​4 Week Meal Plan
  • ​4 Week Shopping List
  • ​4 Week Workout Program
  • Motivational Quotes
  • ​Self-care Check List 
  • ​Meal Check List
  • ​Weight Loss Journey 

Energizing Boost Teatox Tea

  • Boost your energy and enhance your mental focus
  • Boost your metabolism to flush away all the exceed water
  • ​Support healthier liver and digestive tract 
  • ​Detox your body from harmful toxins
  • ​Ease bloating, constipation and indigestion 
  • ​Provide more than 24 essential vitamins and minerals 

Evening Relaxation Detox Tea

  • Relax your body and mind
  • ​Calms digestion and get rid of gas
  • ​Reduce and calms bloating
  • ​Promote a healthy weight
  • ​Detoxify your body
  • ​Provide with more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals
Challenge Yourself.. Give Yourself One Month..
Follow The Program
Program provides you with every information you need! It gives you exact instructions, it gives your easy to follow steps. If you follow the program there is almost no chance that you will fail!
Regularly Drink Your Teas
Teas are essentials when it comes to weight loss. Why? Because it will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, it will speed up your weight loss and affect your overall feeling. 
Replace your bad and unhealthy eating habits
Lose weight in a healthy way once and for all
Improve your overall health 
Improve your self-esteem 

Join Green In Me Program Like Hundreds Other Satisfied Real Woman..

Need More Proof???

"The GIM Program is one of the most motivational programs that really helps you stay on track" 
- Anna G. Miami 
"This Program is everything you need to start living your healthier version. No more expensive supplements, no more expensive personal trainers!"
- Cathy W. L. A. 
This is not just another weight loss tea, it's actually a good structured program that helps you stay on track!
- Sarah T. New York
"If you follow the program you can not fail. And the teas are actually working as promised! Best decision ever."
- Monica P. New York

What Will You Get...

Green In Me Detox Program

4 Week Meal Plan, 4 Week Workout Plan, Easy To Follow Steps, Motivational Quotes, Weight Loss Journey, Self Care Checklists, and much more.. 

Value of 37$

Green In Me Energizing Boost Teatox Tea

High Quality, All Natural Herbal Tea with more than 24 essential vitamins and minerals. provides you with energy, detox your body, boost your metabolism, support healthier liver and digestive system and much more... 

Value of 45$

Green In Me Evening Relaxation Tea

All natural, high quality tea provides you with more than 20 essentials vitamins and minerals, relaxes your body and mind, calms digestion, reduce bloating, detoxify body, and much more... 

Value of 39$

Total Value Of 121$

It Seems Pricey To You? 
Don't worry, we're not going to charge you 121$ for this amazing program...
But let me ask you a question...
Even if we would charge you (but again don't worry we are not) 121$, Would it be worth it to...
1. Finally drop at least two dress sizes for good?
2. Finally love the look in the mirror?
3. Finally left home without feelings of shame? 
4. Finally raise up your self-esteem and 
5. Finally feel and look good in your body? 

Would It Be Worth It? 

And Here Is Our Promise... 

You Will Get: 

  • Green In Me Program (printed version) VALUE OF 30$
  • Energizing Boost Teatox Tea VALUE OF 35$
  • Evening Relaxation Detox Tea VALUE OF 25$

Only Here And Now At More Than 67% Discount Only 29,99$

Hurry Up! Supplies Are almost gone!
And Here Is Our Second Promise... 
If you don't like our program or you won't see any results in 30 days we will give you money back! 
If you order now, we will cover shipping cost, so you will save additional 10$ for priority 2-5 days shipping!

How It Works? Simply.. 

weight loss program

Follow The Program

  • 4 Week Meal Plan With Recipes
  • ​4 Week Shopping List
  • ​4 Week Work Out Plan
detox tea

Drink GIM Tea

  •  Drink Energizing Boost Tea Every Day With Your Breakfast 
  • ​Drink Evening Relaxation Tea Every Second Day In The Evening 

Enjoy The Benefits

  •  Replace Your Bad Habits With New Healthier Ones - Without Any Crazy Diets
  • ​Become More Healthier And Feel Better
  • ​Lose Weight In A Healthy Way For Good

The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and do not replace medical advice.

weight loss program green in me
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